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Product Guide

Kanase Inc. adapts quickly
and flexibly to meet customer
and market demands in its two main business fields.

Directing change toward growth of the company.
Japan’s business climate is moving into uncharted waters. Kanase Inc. is required to develop its business by focusing on the global market. Our response to this will be to find our way into the future with unique products based on an accumulation of reliable technology and development. The source of Kanase Inc. growth since its inception has always been the creation of original products through advanced technologies.
Diversification into new-generation fields with growth potential.
Kanase Inc. started its business of manufacturing and selling shell buttons in1919. Nearly 100 years, we have been involved in the development of new materials such as polyester resin and the introduction of innovative processing technologies in accordance with the demands and fashion trends of the times. We have also added a new businesses: acrylic sheets called “dream plastic”.
Promoting the globalization of production, development and sales.
Kanase Inc. activities have spanned the globe from its earliest ages. In the button industry, we have a site in China enabling us to remain competitive in the international market and allowing more efficient exchange of information, manufacturing and sales.
Fulfilling all social responsibilities as a corporate citizen.
Kanase Inc. aims to contribute to society by offering innovative technologies and unique products. Our target is to achieve stable growth while carrying out all responsibilities as a corporate citizen. We are determined to continue making this contribution as an industrial member of society.