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Message from the President

Kanase Inc.
creating value as a leader in global niche markets.

Kanase Inc. began its business in 1919 as a manufacturer of shell buttons. Nearly 100 years have passed and we have since expanded into other advanced fields such as acrylic sheets . We have developed advanced resin technology and high-precision processing technology that have added value to our products. All of the fields we have entered are niche businesses. Kanase Inc. is well known through its trademark in global button industry and is one of the top five manufacturers of acrylic sheets in Japan. We are therefore highly recognized at home and abroad as a sound company known for top-level quality and advanced technology in all of the industries in which we are involved. Responding to customer needs and changing times,we are determined to continue to create new values based on acquired technology and know-how, and to become an even more reliable business partner. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Seido Kanaya,President & CEO