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Button Business

Leading the industry as a top manufacturer
with advanced technology and high-quality products.

Leads the industry with advanced technology and high quality products.

Kanase Inc. is unique in the button industry because we oversee every production step, from developing resin materials to the final products. In order to reach the global market, we have restructured corporate management, encouraged direct trading and developed new technologies.


Becoming a manufacturer that offers new values by upgrading marketing capabilities.

Shifting to overseas production along with the globalization of the economy is drastically changing the button business. We at Kanase Inc. are determined to find our way into the future by transcending conventional manufacturing boundaries and performing new roles and functions. Our activities include:
preparing sample books for approximately 3000 new products a year; increasing customer convenience by acting as a wholesaler; classifying products for basic types (made in China) and high value-added types(made in Japan); and branching out into the field of buttons for women’s clothes.