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Acrylic Sheet Business

Kanase Inc. adopts cell-casted manufacturing and contributes to society by producing very sophisticated acrylic sheets.

acrylic sheet
Using the cell cast method, Kanase Inc. manufacturers acrylic resin sheets. Various uses can be derived from these resin sheets depending on the quality and physical properties of the sheets themselves.

Acrylic resin, also known as “dream plastics”, has outstanding transparency, gloss and is very weather resistant when compared to other plastics. Our products are knows as “Kanase Lite” in the market and they are made by cell cast method in which materials are encased in glass frames. They have many applications, such as displays, signboards, indicator boards, lighting, furniture, aquariums and other commodities. The demand for acrylic sheets is growing in the global markets.

We are steadily increasing market share and determined to become a major manufacturer by responding to diverse customers needs.

With the current growing applications for acrylic sheets, low-cost materials are increasingly imported from various countries. Meanwhile market demands are becoming more and more diversified and advanced with increasing requirements for large-items, small-lot orders and short lead times. KANASE Inc. is dedicated to expand its establishment of a wider sales network, replying on high quality materials and meticulous support unmatched by other competitions.